Case Study

Fragrance Direct

The Challenge

To maximise brand exposure and boost online visibility through pre-agreed KPIs and deliverables.

Our Solution

Teaming up with our mother agency, Attercopia, we’ve transformed Fragrance Direct with a complete hybrid approach to both online and offline marketing and PR.

With direct brand credits dominating the beauty world, we reached for our little black book of contacts to ensure Fragrance Direct were officially credited for any placements we made. In a cluttered space, we’ve carved out a spot for the brand with press and bloggers alike, making sure we’re their first stop when they have a call-in or feature. With a host of events, creative link acquisition projects and carefully devised outreach competitions, we continue to exceed our KPIs season on season – no matter how much we grow our target!

Following the success of our initial PR strategy, Fragrance Direct added SEO outreach to their retainer to further increase online visibility and support the relaunch of their website. In the last six months, we’ve published 24 outreach articles for the brand targeting big volume terms such as ‘perfume’. The site appeared in the top three Google results for this phrase for 81 days of past quarter, compared to only 15 days in the previous quarter.

We also advised in the launch of the new Fragrance Direct site, ensuring that new pages would be crawled and ranking within days of the site launch. Within a month, the site reached 92% coverage in Google’s index and sessions to the site increased by 7.8% in the first week. Through strategic planning and cohesive working, fusing new-age digital marketing techniques with traditional PR tactics, Fragrance Direct has reaped the benefits with figures that speak for themselves.

Fragrance Direct Brand


In our 24-month campaign:


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