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A results-driven digital agency with a focus on solid web development & search engine marketing

An Agency with a clear focus:
you and your customers

We’re driven by a desire to develop amazing online experiences that perform well on Search Engines, our in-house team of expert SEO Strategists, PPC ManagersCopywritersWeb DevelopersWeb Designers are well placed to help take your business to the next level.

In an ever-evolving and increasingly homogenised digital landscape, we have stuck firm in our belief that effective marketing campaigns target only people who have a current intent to engage with your business, its products and/or services & not internet users who may or may not have an interest in your business.

We do this by centering all digital strategies around a solid content plan with Search as the primary traffic delivery channel, backed up where required with Email, Social & Display, the approach to which is always determined by the behaviours and wants of your existing and desired customers.

There’s no secret to our success

We take the time to understand you, your customers and your business objectives, before setting in place a strategy to optimise the delivery of traffic to your website and increase the chance of conversion once it arrives.


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Etymology of Attercopia

The Etymology of Attercopia

Attercop is an Old English word for spider, from attor (poison) and cop (the head). The word is still used today in the Yorkshire dialect. Cop was also used by itself to mean a spider, suggesting cobweb ought to have been spelled copweb.

The “i” and “a” not only soften Attercopia, but both letters together combine to mean a “collection of” (like encyclopaedia). This letter grouping is often used at the end of words to signify a place, an entity or country (Utopia or Narnia, for example).

The distinctive Attercopia logo is inspired by the eye arrangement of the Salticidae spider family – a configuration which gives the arachnid 360-degree vision – and the clear association between spiders and the web.