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Tinsel, trees and tweets – how social media changed the face of Christmas

If Santa Clause was invented today, there’s no doubt he’d have an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account. His LinkedIn profile would be besieged by recruiters every day, all of them impressed by his key skills in ‘rapid global travel’ and ‘elf wrangling’.

But while Santa Clause might be stuck in the analogue world, your business doesn’t have to be – and your social media feed is the prime place to market yourself during the holiday season.

To help you make your mark in the festive socialsphere, we’ve put together these ways that social media has changed the face of Christmas.

Think on them and see how they can improve your social strategy.

They can give you global engagement

As we’ve established, Santa is able to travel everywhere in an evening – but a well-written Facebook post can go one better.

If you know the audience you’re pitching to, your social media engagement could drive vast amounts of traffic to your site in a matter of hours.

This could be the perfect chance to start a social media campaign with a 12 Days of Christmas theme.

12 days of sales? 12 of your team’s favourite Christmas movies? 12 days of free gifts? The choice is yours, but making the right marketing decision could boost your ROI during the festive season.

Any business can do it

In the bad old days, big brands dominated Christmas, letting their money talk with schmaltzy multimillion-pound telly ads, while SMEs had to make do with some poxy direct mail.

While big brands still rule the roost, social media is a relatively egalitarian form of marketing.

If your campaign is well produced, it could reach a huge number of people with a small investment.

However, promoted posts will always take precedence on social media feeds – so pay well and target wisely if you can.

You can fail fast and start again

Print advertising is set in stone. So if your Christmas ads fall at the first hurdle, there’s nothing much you can do about it.

But with social, there’s always the option to fail fast and start a new strategy for engagement.

This makes it easier to experiment in marketing, before focusing your efforts on the strategies which have worked.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and countless other social media channels have turned festive marketing on its head. But if you want to make sure your social strategy is on fire any time of the year, get in touch with us.


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