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5 alternative Christmas music videos to twist your tinsel and curdle your eggnog

If Paul McCartney & The Frog Chorus drive you to distraction and Slade makes you throw up in your Christmas stocking, Christmas might be a challenging time of year.

But there’s no need to send your ears into hibernation until the festive season’s over — Attercopia’s alternative Christmas music videos put the rap in present wrapping and the drum n bass into donkeys and baubles.

So grab your snow shoes and bust a move to these festive bangers.

1. Run-DMC : Christmas in Hollis

Suspend your brussel sprout binge for a festive block party with rappers Run-DMC during Christmas in Hollis.

Dope beats and fly rhymes are brought to life by the best trio in hip-hop history in a vivid video that features a guard-dog/reindeer hybrid, fat-laced sneakers and Santa’s wallet stuffed with $1 million.

The stand-out line?

“My name’s DMC with the mic in my hand and I’m chillin’ and coolin’ just like a snowman.”

2. Walking in the Air – X Project

Turn up the volume, close your eyes and picture the scene as the Snowman joins the junglist massive in the middle of a wintery warehouse rave in the early 90s — and executes ‘the running man’ with such fiery intensity that he starts to melt.

This is what would happen if Aled Jones joined The Prodigy.

How can it be wrong when it feels so right?

3. The Futureheads- Christmas was better in the 80s

Generation X-ers might agree with Sunderland’s premier post-punk band that Christmas was better in the 80s.

This high-intensity number is peppered with rapid guitar riffs, Christmas bells and even a few hallelujahs.

The band scenes shot outdoors against a bleak backdrop of rusty machinery contrast with rose-tinted retro images from 80s family photos.

So if you’re yearning for Rubik’s Cubes, industrial decline and a singalong chorus, fill your festive boots.

4. Aidan Moffat – Plastic Mistletoe

Aidan’s the former vocalist of Falkirk’s finest cult-pop raconteurs Arab Strap – and Plastic Mistletoe follows the band’s slice of life formula.

This is a lovelorn tale told through the hazy lens of a pint glass.

And you’ll see nothing more than the dregs of Aidan’s beer accompanied by blurry party streamers and reflected Christmas lights for the duration of the video.

The visuals are rather hypnotic and Aidan’s glum gift of the gab always impresses:

“the pub is full of young kids snoggin’, synthetic polymers above their noggins, it’s Christmas… that’s just what you do’.

Pure poetry.

5. No Doubt -Oi to the World

Oi to the world is Gwen Stefani et al’s take on The Vandals punky Christmas tune.

This lively ska-infused cover should pick you up if Aidan’s mistletoe has left you flat on the pub floor.

The dazzling video features kung fu fights, an auto rickshaw chase and sari-clad Indian dancers.

The lyrics tell the cautionary tale of a Christmas day battle between a punk and a skinhead.

And the track’s happy ending involves a life-saving turban. Of course it does — it’s Christmas after all.

Dive into these five alternative yuletide vids and you’ll be ding-donging merrily on high in no time at all.

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