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These knockout branding hacks will help you smash the competition

Brilliant branding packs an unforgettable punch…

…and cuts through the chatter by telling your consumers the truth. The truth about their lives, the truth about the world around them, and the truth that your product can help them.

Imagine you’re 12-year old Muhammad Ali walking into a boxing gym for the first time. You want to whip the thieves that stole your bike…

Grit your teeth hard as you wipe away tears
breathe deep to feel brave and reach for the door
turn the handle as something cuts deeper…
declaring destiny, you push on through.

Branding with empathy empowers customers at crucial moments — triggering tribal loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

The Big Bang

Branding goes deeper than the superb products and services you’re selling.

Be Moses on Mount Sinai — your creation myth should burn brand values into the collective consciousness.

A simple but powerful brand story creates trust and authenticity — so think in simple terms about why you started your business.

Consider the pain point or problem you identified, then the solution you formulated through your products or services and finally, the success this solution has brought to your customers.

And what often separates good and great stories is the way they’re told — so use a bit of charm and personality to tell your terrific tale.

If your brand personality stays consistent then customers will recognise your voice in every subsequent story you tell.

And they’ll subconsciously recall your creation myth — reinforcing the reasons why they believe in your brand.

Here’s a real-life example — a young German sport shoe designer smuggles his spikes onto the feet of a future Olympic legend.

Then the athlete wins multiple gold medals under the gaze of a cruel dictator who hates every fibre of his being.

The story has every crucial element writ large — problem, solution and stunning success.

That brand was Adidas — and it’s been associated with self-belief and sporting excellence ever since.

So declare independence from boring brands — set your commandments about brand identity in stone.


We all get those moments when life drives us mad.

Then the stars align and we feel fantastic.

Customer intent has huge potential at these points — repeated millions of times a day.

These are the sweet spots where your brand delivers what customers want, exactly when they want it.

If you’re there to help them celebrate success, share good news or support each other, you’re onto a winner.

And once your presence becomes pervasive your brand is instantly associated with the emotive connections of family, friendship and community.

So position your brand perfectly to satisfy customer desires during micro moments.

Stop the hard sell

Customers are tired of mindless marketing that sounds slick and soulless.

And feel taken for granted by pushy sales techniques.

But strong messages spoken softly show you’re sensitive to their needs.

Get to grips with conversational conventions on social media to inspire invaluable brand advocacy.

So create a comfy space for mutual conversation where you spend more time listening than talking.

Let customers lead the way

Stay true to your values but don’t be arrogant.

Listen to the way customers rave about your brand and learn to love their language.

If you don’t know the lingo you’ll be dad dancing in the corner instead of busting the best moves at the party.

Give them cool stuff for free

People love to learn new things.

Don’t just sell them stuff —give them cool free content that inspires, educates and entertains. The best teachers go the extra mile.

And once your altruism is acknowledged you’ll be the go-to brand every time.

Take the first step

Your branding can be subtle and subversive or bold and bombastic —but it should always be brave.

When you’re scared to take the first step, good brands whisper ‘just do it’.

We’ll help you build branding that packs a punch. Get in touch today.

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