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Our team’s pick of 2016’s marketing highlights

As the Christmas countdown reaches its final stretch and Hogmanay looms like a drunken uncle, rather a lot of people have been shouting about 2016 as if it’s been the worst year ever.

Sure, we’ve witnessed more than a few game-changing political moments, and no, I’m still not quite over Toblerone-gate either, but it’s not been all bad. To end the year on a well-deserved high, we’re looking back at some of the most exciting events to transform the world of marketing over the past 12 months. So what have been some of the highlights for our team?

Chris McGiffen, Senior Technical Analyst:

“After a long wait (a painful two years, or thereabouts) Google finally announced Penguin 4.0 in September – an algorithm update designed to better catch sites believed to be spamming their search results using black-hat SEO techniques. “It’s had one of the largest impacts on search results we’ve seen in recent years, and knowing that Google is cracking down on those who’re still employing bad link-building practises is welcome news.” Read more

John-Paul Drake, Director of Digital Marketing:

“The AdWords update from October is set to revolutionise SEO over the coming months, with advertisers now able to target gender and age demographics within search campaigns. “It’s an exciting development for us – the new demographic target feature of AdWords allows us to create better-optimised content, so we can continue to push your brand to the right customers.” Read more

Scott McCallum, Digital Designer:

“A standout moment from 2016 was the reveal of Microsoft’s Surface Studio. It’s essentially a massive 5K resolution graphics tablet attached to a high-power computer, but it’s a big step forward for Microsoft’s tablet range. “The best thing about it is the paint software (and the cool sci-fi toy that gives greater onscreen control) which allows users to draw in 3D with ease. It’s opening up a new range of possibilities for artists and animators, and hopefully web designers in the future as well.” Read more

Stephen Highe, Senior Social Media Manager:

“The launch of Facebook Live for public use in April has proved a fun and useful new feature to get to grips with. “Anyone can now broadcast live to anyone, anywhere in the world, sharing special moments and making instant connections. For digital marketing, the trick will be figuring out how to successfully incorporate it into social media campaigns.” Read more

Paul Watson, Head of Content:

“With its clear call-to-action and attention-grabbing (and shareable) content, Alzheimer’s Research UK’s #ShareTheOrange campaign stood out from the crowd this year as a great example of everything content marketing should do. “The mini-film has now been shared over 562,866 times, proving that simple works best when it comes to getting your message across – a rule we follow with all our marketing.” Read more

Steve Harvey-Franklin, Chairman and Founder:

“It’s been really interesting to watch Snapchat’s evolution throughout 2016, especially the way its filters are now being used as an interactive marketing technique by the world’s biggest brands. Even the US presidential candidates got in on the action with their own filters for election day. “Cadbury is renowned for its fun ads and, in recent years especially, its focus on experiential marketing events, so unsurprisingly it was one of the first brands to play around with sponsored Snapchat lenses – they proved an integral part of the creme egg-focused campaign this Easter.” Read more With plenty of inspiring and standout moments to choose from, 2016 has clearly been a busy and productive year for digital marketing firms everywhere – and it’s left us excited and hopeful for the future. To keep up with our marketing news and highlights as they happen throughout 2017, remember to pop by our blog and follow our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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