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Walking in a weirder wonderland: 3 of the strangest festive marketing campaigns on the net

Come here, take my hand, jump on my sleigh and get ready to feast your peepers on a Christmas path less travelled.

In a season dominated by schmaltzy ads from John Lewis and the like (if I see one more cutesy dog or adventurous carrot I’ll drown myself in a vat of eggnog), we’re about to take a dive into the leftfield with three of the weirdest marketing campaigns created around the festive season.

So strap in, wrap your arms around my tinsel-covered waist and prepare yourself for our winter wonderland of weird.

1. Nick Offerman’s Yule Log

Few people are more masculine than Nick Offerman. He even has ‘man’ in his name, which doesn’t get any manlier, and could probably chop down a tree with his bristling proud beard, crafting a luxury table from the wood using only his hands and a steely glare.

He’s a bear of a man whose star turn in Parks and Recreation has given him the kind of cult following usually reserved for L Ron Hubbard, Santa Claus or Yeezus.

So what better way to kickstart our list than to watch this debonair gent quietly drink whisky next to a roaring log fire?

That was the idea behind the Lagavulin whisky’s Christmas marketing campaign – a 45 minute epic in which Offerman drinks his whisky with the quiet reserve of a man carved from solid oak.

At one point Offerman moves his leg a little. About half an hour in he finishes his drink and pours himself another. After 40 minutes, he changes his sitting position. In its own way, it’s a work of weirdo marketing genius.

And if you’re still not convinced by the concept, bear this in mind – Nick Offerman’s Yule Log has almost THREE MILLION views on YouTube.

2. Fruit of the Loom’s The Rules of Underwear Giving

There’s nothing people love more at Christmas than sporting a pair of festive pants for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Invite mum and dad round to show them how well your new pants fit! Get your grandparents to admire your bulging gut festooning over a pair of briefs! Watch as the family dog stares at your Santa Claus-themed boxers, and see it wonder why the range of briefs for Labradors is limited at best.

Or…maybe not.

Pants are, despite the open-mindedness of our times, still a sensitive point of discussion.

Talk about yours in too much detail around the dinner table this Christmas and you’re likely to give your partner’s gran a heart attack, especially if she’s fondling some sprouts and a carrot as you mention the inherent crotch warmth you feel after wearing pants that have just come out of the tumble dryer.

This is the premise of Fruit of the Loom’s ad campaign for their underwear, an entertaining and decidedly odd list of the people you should and shouldn’t give underwear to.

Really, this has to be seen to be believed.

3. PooPourri’s ‘Even Santa Poops’

It’s always nice when an advertisement seeks to highlight a major issue, which is why PooPourri’s ad depicting the bowel movements of Santa Claus is more than welcome.

‘Even Santa Poops’ is a surreal journey filled with more fart jokes and faecal puns than a Mr Hankey compilation album, as Father Christmas is caught by a group of children filling their toilet with a giant yuletide log.

Think of it as the antithesis to a John Lewis ad, trying to tug on your fart strings instead of your heartstrings.

It’s as puerile as they come, and mega-weird (not least the exaggerated British accents of the children) – but this dollop of festive farts has racked up more than 15 million views since it hit the web in 2014.

What we can learn from this parade of weirdness

Anyone who’s Googled ‘Cute Kitten Wearing a Sombrero’ before will know that the internet is a place where virtually any vision you have can come true. But to keep up with the imagination of your customers, your marketing campaigns will have to be jam-packed with creativity.

That’s what the three ads detailed above have tried to do, gathering interest by out-weirding their competition. Or maybe their marketing teams are just a bunch of oddballs. Either way, they’ve certainly added a little bit of spice to our festive season.

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