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Good & Bad Design of the Month

With November (Movember) almost at an end (which incidentally, has generated some amazing design this month)…

…we thought we’d take a look at some of the other design that has passed under our noses and taches so far.

And what is most delightful, is there is a damn sight more good than bad design on display – a near miracle considering the onslaught of Christmas and Christmas related inspiration, advertising and yes, some design.

I think in true British fashion, we should start with the bad design first, then when our expectations can sink no lower, we can kick start our imaginations and expectations with some of the month’s really cracking stuff!

Starting with the lesser of most design evils we have the new itv logo – it’s not that it’s glaringly bad, it just that it’s not glaringly anything. Maybe it’s just me, but I find this logo really easy to passover without comment, I suppose the upside of that fact is that it could well avoid criticism. *shrugs*

Nevertheless, here it is, curves and all:

Perhaps the best thing, most notable thing about the whole itv logo is the ability it has to change colour in a chameleon-esque manner to disappear, become even less noticeable, ‘blend in’ with the colour scheme and imagery of the programme currently airing. Perhaps.

What can be said it the new, curvier, more colourful look does move away from the formal logo itv had previously – so I think this version is an improvement but … well, lets say I think it could have been better.

Moving slightly further in to the realms of bad design, we find ourselves in Wales, at the ‘Facefood Juice Bar’.

Of course, I don’t think I need much justification for my opinion here but just in case here it is. Despite being hilariously described as being ‘different from facebook’ because ‘it’s different words’, this logo has little else except the funny factor going for it.

But hey, I guess if the Facebook look is working for Facebook why can’t it work for you?!

And finally, to end our review of some of the *cough* less spectacular design we’ve seen this month, we are going to dive head first into the depths of design often referred to as ‘what were they thinking?!’

And seriously what were Ling Cars thinking when they created this:

And honestly, this screen shot doesn’t even do it justice.

I think it is the fullest, busiest, flashiest, craziest and brightest website design I have ever seen.  A lesson in the beauty of negative space for one thing, or maybe just space as design concept in it’s own right certainly wouldn’t go amiss here…

But on the other hand I have to admire the bold use of ‘ Microsoft Paint’ throughout and the um imaginative use of Photoshop.

Alas,I think we have reached that place where design can’t get much worse and expectations much lower, so, before it all get’s too disappointing here is some lovely, brilliant and clever design from this month, which speaks for itself:

The Ghostbuster team’s ghoul-mobile, the Jurassic Park jeep, the Batmobile, Lightning McQueen from Cars and Optimus Prime, the Autobots leader in Transformer could be delivering TiVo to you. Which has to be the most exciting way to upgrade your TV package right?

If Albums Were Books…  here are what some of the designs would look like:

Mira is a new art project by Nick Frank, about which there is more information and images here.

“Bedtime Tales for Sleepless Nights” is a book that demonstrates, in my opinion, some of the best creative design work produced recently, so much so this book made it on to my Linked In Reading List, filed under ‘I’d like to read this’.

And finally, we have The Royal Mail Collage Pillar Box, need I say more?

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