Week 9: Social Media & Online Marketing Apprentice

It’s Monday which can only mean one thing, your weekly update on the social media and online marketing apprentice! Last week I was really busy with all kinds of things and one thing in particular has got me really excited but unfortunately I cannot let you know about it until further notice. I suppose you … Continued

How to Build Responsive HTML Emails

Sadly, Jan who has been working with us for the past few months will be heading home to the Czech Republic at the end of this week. But before he leaves us, we have managed to persuade him to write us another of his wonderful blog posts. This time Jan shares some of his expertise … Continued

Week 8 being the Social Media & Online Marketing Apprentice

I’m back with my weekly update on your favourite Social Media and Online Marketing Apprentice! What I’ve Been Up To The beginning of last week started with a visit from my learning provider VQ Solutions. Every few months I have a meeting with one of their team to track my progress and well being here … Continued

When Email Marketing Goes Wrong

Today, votes on The Scottish Referendum for Independence were finally cast and counted and the result was a 55% No vote to Independence from the UK, only it seems MADE.com didn’t get quite the message. In a rather hilarious email marketing faux pas, it seems someone in the MADE.com marketing office got a little bit … Continued

Week 7 being the Social Media & Online Marketing Apprentice

Finally I think I am breaking the posting curse and am back to posting on a Monday! This week your favourite apprentice (yours truly) has been working her way through an abundance of tasks all very different from one another, resulting in what will hopefully be an interesting read… What I’ve Been Up To First … Continued

My experience of becoming an apprentice

This week my Monday post will be a little different than usual. As I was ill most of last week, to compose a post about my week would be pointless not to mention virtually impossible so instead I am going to tell you about my experience of becoming an apprentice! Hopefully this will be useful … Continued

At 221 Years Old, Ormiston Wire Embraces Ecommerce

This year we were tasked with helping Ormiston Wire take another step forward in their business strategy and adding another landmark to their impressive 221 year history, by turning their existing website into an eCommerce platform. The Ormiston Wire company originally made spring-wire for use in corsets and wigs. Now the company has expanded to … Continued

Leeds Leeds Leeds!!!

Leeds has always been home to me and I like to consider myself a true Loiner, so when I was asked to write a post about Leeds I was obviously ecstatic! Leeds is brimming with culture, diversity and excitement and is always improving itself whilst still sticking to it’s traditional roots and heritage, making it … Continued