Time is running out on Growth Vouchers

If someone were to offer you £2,000 would you take it? Our Government funding is coming to an end and we have until 31st March 2015 to apply for a Growth Voucher. The application is quick and easy, so if you haven’t already then why don’t you apply?! The Government have set aside £30million to … Continued

Cloudspotting acquired by Attercopia Group

As 2014 was coming to a close Cloudspotting had some exciting news, which one or two of you might have already heard about… We have been acquired by the Attercopia Group who also own WSI Yorkshire based in Huddersfield. We will be working with the WSI Yorkshire team very closely from now on. This means … Continued

Cloudspotting’s Christmas

With Christmas and the New Year now over and everyone back at work, we decided to have a look back at our Christmas do and all the delights that it entailed to try and drag out that last bit of Christmas cheer. Here at Cloudspotting we had a crafty Christmas but after all the crafts were over … Continued

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The year is now coming to an end and with Christmas just around the corner we thought we would send you a special Christmas treat…our newsletter (of course). This month’s newsletter is jam packed with juicy news and festive treats. We have our best and worst moments, new partnerships and new ways of decorating so … Continued

Cloudspotting’s Crafty Christmas

It’s now only 15 days till Christmas and everywhere you go you can feel the festivities taking over. The same couldn’t be said for our office. In previous years we have had a tree to put up, however due to the tree sadly passing last year we were left with no alternative. The team discussed … Continued

Black Friday

It’s the day after Thanksgiving and Black Friday has descended upon the UK. Originally a phenomenon from the US, Black Friday dates back to the stock market crashes in the 1800s, now however it is an event where retailers offer discounts (usually on electronics) that turn the public into bargain hungry animals. Since 2006 there … Continued

Morrisons’ Christmas marketing and the Pud Pod

With December just around the corner, 2014 is coming to end which means Christmas marketing is already in full swing. As usual John Lewis have tugged on our heart strings with Monty the adorable penguin and his desire for love, Marks and Spencer have kept it classy with the two fairies Magic and Sparkle helping … Continued

We’ve Raised Over £250 for The Children’s Hospital Charity!

We are still hoping to raise even more money for the Children’s Hospital Charity but for now we are pleased to report that with your support, we have raised over £250 already…and counting! Just £8 allows The Children’s Hospital Charity to pay for colourful plants to put in their new sensory garden for patients, to … Continued

When to use a single page website and how it works with SEO

We are very lucky today to be able to post yet another of  our developer Jan’s exceptional blog posts. This time the subject is single page websites… Single page websites (also often called one page websites) are a very modern type of website and are now very popular with clients, graphic designers and developers. This … Continued