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Email marketing is a cost–effective way of acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

As such, it is an exceptionally important channel to have integrated into your marketing strategy and if you are doing it properly, it can be an exceptionally valuable channel to have in your marketing mix as well. According to research from Econsultancy, [quote cite=”Econsultancy”]more than half of businesses today achieve 10% of their sales through email marketing. Moreover, email marketing still remains relevant, with 41% of emails now being opened on mobile devices and smartphone owners in particular being more likely to use their devices to read emails than actually make calls.[/quote]

So email is highly useful for reaching and engaging today’s consumers.

Digital agencies like ourselves here at Cloudspotting are able to provide comprehensive email marketing services across a wide range of market sectors. Comprehensive email marketing services includes things like: sourcing bought in mailing lists, or building tailored mailing lists (which we recommend) either through existing customer bases or through highly targeted campaigns. Often, tailored mailing lists provide data capture that is more appropriate and relevant to your needs, complementing your overall marketing strategy much more effectively.


As well as the tip on building your own mailing lists from scratch, here are 5 more email marketing best practice tips to help you harness the effectiveness of the online marketing method…


Write a relevant, genuine and trustworthy email subject line.

The top tip here (unless you’re an exceptionally big, well known brand like ASOS etc.) is to avoid using exclamation marks, additional capitalization and words like “sale”, “free” and “bargain” which have become trademarks of spam emails. Successful subject line often pose a question or highlight and interesting point or benefit relevant to the email content.

Here are a few examples of successful email subject lines:

Uploaded : lottery


Uploaded : cross

Uploaded : helen




The National Lottery has used a combination of posing a question in the subject line and then cementing that with a succinct point highlighting the content and purpose of the email. Cross Country has personalized their email subject line by addressing me directly and following that with an imperative instruction, plan, which indicates the general content the email is likely to contain and what action they would like me to take. Finally this example from Helen at Bustle & Sew magazine (just to demonstrate you don’t have to be a big brand to get this right) uses the subject line method of simply highlighting the benefit of reading the email, i.e what I will learn.

Keep Things Simple

Make sure you have a simple, to the point and most importantly, text based opening header to your email. The reason for this is if you use an image, many email providers (I know my work email provider is one) will not automatically display it, so unless the recipient makes a conscious decision to download or view the image, they will have no indication of what your email is about and most likely delete it.

Don’t Forget to Consider Colours

Typically, spam emails use a lot of red meaning many email filters are more likely to block emails containing a lot of red text, red images or red buttons and so on. Equally, it is important to use colours in your email template that effectively contrast with background themes to ensure recipients can easily read and enjoy your content. So make sure you craft the content of your emails, but make sure you also craft the design as well!

Make it Mobile

Remember this statistic from Econsultancy in the introduction: “email marketing still remains relevant, with 41% of emails now being opened on mobile devices and smartphone owners in particular being more likely to use their devices to read emails than actually make calls”. This statistic alone means you absolutely must ensure your emails are optimized for mobile and can be clicked, opened and read easily on smaller screen sizes. That includes ensuring all the links used in your email are also mobile friendly ensuring a great user experience for your mobile recipients at every stage.


Audiences are dynamic and complicated, so test different email subject lines, colour themes and designs to see which ones best engage your audiences.


Some Examples Of Our Email Marketing Work


  • We increased customer activity after registration for one client  by providing 3 highly focused informational emails within 7 days of initial sign-up. Uptake using Cloudspotting’s solution was more than 4 times than our client’s own in-house facility.
  • For Redmayne Bentley’s 12 Stock Picking Days of Christmas campaign we had nearly 700 competition entries, 473 prize draw entries, and 130 requests for literature.


Uploaded : rb-spdoc1




















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